Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I mentioned in an earlier post that Messianic Christianity is founded upon two great points in history: the giving of the Torah and the resurrection of Yeshua. I want to focus in on that point here and take a look at just how important these two events are.

Most of us tend to start the discussion with the Bible. The Word of God is our "absolute", the standard by which we judge everything else, the foundation upon which we build our religion. Having grown up with the Bible, we sometimes forget that it is the answer to a question, a response to our need for the life in God. The Bible is not simply a given that we are simply expected to adhere to. It is the Revelation of God in a dark confusing world. The Word of God is not normal. It is not natural. It is a breach into our universe, a violation of natural law, an intervention in the course of humanity.

Revelation comes to us in various ways at various times, but there are two that stand out. Mt. Sinai and Yeshua are far greater than any prophet or moment of inspiration seen in the history of the earth. Indeed, all the prophets and apostles of Scripture (not to mention every pastor, rabbi, or other Biblical commentator) depend on these two. These are the moments when God split the heavens to make His glory known and to reveal to man the will of God. The Bible is not simply an indivisible religious book. It is the record and branches of these two revelations of God.

This informs how we look at the rest of the Bible. If we treat the giving of the Ten Words and the resurrection of Messiah as the focal points of Scripture, everything else must spiral outward from these two events. When we read the words of Isaiah or Paul or study the history of the kings or the proverbs of Solomon, we must consider these things in light of the God's revelations at Mt. Sinai and through His Son.

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