Monday, September 14, 2015

Some Things You Don't Have To Do To Earn God's Love from the archives)...Kinda inspired by Brant's "Here’s a 'Bucket List' of Things to Do Before Going to Hell", here's a list of things you don't have to do to impress God or earn His love. Cause it seems that I continually find myself trying to.

- Read your Bible every day
- Pray every day
- Post inspirational or religious quotes to your Facebook wall
- Blog about your faith
- Listen to only Christian music
- Be right
- Not be wrong
- Have an opinion on everything
- Avoid television
- Avoid "wasting time"
- Overcome all your struggles
- Make it through one day without sinning
- Figure out the meaning of life
- Have social skills
- Know the right thing to say
- Be the perfect friend
- Understand how salvation works
- Understand how to keep all the commandments
- Memorize Scripture
- Get emotional during worship
- Go to church
- Make sure everyone else knows "the truth"
- Be disciplined in life
- Be successful
- Do something "significant"
- Be known as a great Christian
- Add a religious spin to everything you do
- Speak only in Scripture
- Look righteous
- Give away all your worldly possessions
- Become a missionary
- Become a pastor or Bible teacher
- Fix your denomination
- Fix the church
- Fix America
- Fix your family or friends
- Stand up for a cause
- Change the world
- Feel guilty
- Feel forgiven
- Feel close to God

God doesn't love you for what you do or how you feel. He loves you for who you are. His child.

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  1. oops! meant to comment as sonja! lol

    I fully intended to comment on this earlier. I appreciate this list so very much--so much truth here.