Thursday, May 19, 2016

Updates! (Parashah Messiah, New Messianic Lectionary, Faith Beyond the Letter)

So, if you haven't heard, there's a few new things going on that I'd like to share with you. Life's been pretty busy, so this is just going to be a quick update, but I wanted to make sure I posted at least something about these latest projects.

Parashah Messiah
First of all, there's rumor of Parashah Messiah going for another year. I still need to schedule a meeting with the team (shift work can make scheduling complicated), but at some point I'll let you all know. Also, looking at getting 1 or 2 more writers on board as well.

New Messianic Lectionary
My latest project is to create a new reading schedule, mainly for my family, but also to share with others. The Torah cycle is great in that it has helped myself and many others get into reading an oft neglected portion of the Bible, but unfortunately, I fear the pendulum has swung too far in that direction. We've become a Torah-centric movement instead of a Messiah-centric movement, and that's reflected in everything from our beliefs to the way we read the Bible. So, my goal is to create something more Gospel-centric, yet still surveying the rest of the Bible; something devotional, but also contextual.

I recently put out a survey for this project and compiled the results into a 10-minute video, which you can find here:

Faith Beyond the Letter
Finally, I've created a new page for my projects (see the "projects" link in the upper right corner). My hope is to continue to do these types of projects as time allows (which is actually at a pretty slow pace). I enjoy this type of work, and I see it as one way that I can help support the Messianic community.

Tentatively, I'm calling this work "Faith Beyond the Letter." My hope is that it will continue to grow and to help families in their day to day walk of faith.

Anyway, that's all I really have time for. Shalom!

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