Monday, April 24, 2017

Why "Faith Beyond The Letter"?

Well, I promised you all a post about why I decided to move Parashah Messiah over to Faith Beyond The Letter (and why I created FBTL in the first place). Here it is. Finally.

The first reason for moving Parashah Messiah was so that The Hopeful Heretic could return to being a personal blog. So I could be free to write honestly, controversially, and across a variety of topics. So I could be free to promote Parashah Messiah on its own terms without worrying about what else might be mixed in with it. Parashah Messiah is a project bigger than I am involving a community of writers who share a common goal: to promote the Gospel within the Messianic Movement. My personal opinions on end times and reflections on the latest movie I watched don't need to be mixed in with that.

Instead, we're moving Parashah Messiah alongside something else. It's now part of Faith Beyond The Letter--a new platform I've created for creating resources for Messianic families, to help them walk out their faith day to day (beyond just the letter of the Word). It's always been my dream to be involved in some type of ministry. I'm finally taking a step out in pursuing that dream.

Parashah Messiah will serve to help launch this ministry. I'm working on following that up with the Modern Messianic Lectionary. It's slow going doing this alongside a full-time job and while raising two kids, but it is going nonetheless. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the amazing help of the Parashah Messiah team and other friends without whom I never would have gotten this far.

Anyway, that's what's going on. Things will probably seem a lot more quiet here with Parashah Messiah gone and since I'll be spending more time working on FBTL. But, it will feel personal again. Anyway, thanks for following. As I embark on this next stage in this journey here's hoping that the road ahead remains evermore full of adventure, joy, and love.

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