Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Reading and Writing Goals

With the new year in place, I thought I'd throw my hat into the yearly reading and writing challenges. It's been a good reading year (about 16 books in 2018...my Goodreads stats are a bit off) and I'd like to keep that up. After a year long hiatus from blogging, I'd also like to pick that back up again. Side note: The FBTL website goes away in January (all the wonderful contributions are backed up). That project was a fun experiment, but something I just don't think I was ready to commit to long term. We'll keep things low key and on a more personal level for a while.

Alright, so my reading goal this year is 24 books. According to my Goodreads stats (which may or may not be reliable, with reliability dropping off considerably before 2012) this would be a record for me, but still within reach. I'd like to read 12 fiction books and 12 non-fiction books.

For fiction, I definitely want to include a number of sci-fi novels (my genre of choice). I'd also like to venture out a bit, and commit to at least one classic and one graphic novel. Maybe something historical as well? You know what, let's add an indie novel to the mix also (gotta support our fellow indie writers, right?).

For non-fiction, I have no doubt that many of these books will land in the theology category. I'd also like to include at least two biographies plus another historically focused book. To keep things diverse, maybe something in the realm of science and something in the arts? Let's say something that directly addresses contemporary issues as well.

On writing, my goal is simply one blog post a month. Or 12 blog posts this year. Starting with this one.

So, that's it.
Do you have any book recommendations to help me reach my goal?
What are you goals for this year?

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