Faith Beyond the Letter
One of my dreams is to create resources for Messianic families to help them in their walk--to help take their faith beyond the letter of the page into their day to day lives. I've started a few small projects in this vein and hope to continue this kind of work. I'm really just starting on this journey, so for now, this will be where I keep a catalog of these projects. As new ideas begin to be worked into reality, I'll add them here.

Parashah Messiah
Status: Ongoing
Parashah Messiah is a one-year project (2015-2016) to create a Torah portion inspired commentary centered around the Gospel message. Our goal is to restore a focus on Messiah and the Gospel message to the Messianic / Hebrew Roots movement. Each week we put out a new commentary on the current portion and a related New Testament text showing how these passages point to the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Our writers include: Chris Knight, Kelsey Bryant, and Matthew Day as well as several guest writers


New Messianic Lectionary
Status: Brainstorming
The goal is to create a devotional Gospel-centric lectionary for Messianics as an alternative to the traditional Torah cycle. This project is going to be slow in coming (seems like a simply task, but I'm a busy perfectionist), but when it's finally done, I hope to use it for my own family and hope that it will be found useful for other Messianic families as well.

(5/18/2016) The first step in this project was to collect input from other Messianics about what is important in a reading schedule. You can find the survey results here:

(5/19/2016) You can check out the behind the scenes spreadsheet work here:

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  1. Wonderful. I appreciate what you're aiming for here. I've dreamed of the same. Visit Harmony Bible, and the reading schedule and let's talk about how we might work together to add to each reading a corresponding lectio selectum (and tables) from the Torah, Historical Books, Psalm/Wisdom, and Prophets as well as from the Acts, Epistles and Revelation.